Off-road in Bali

Many people say that the adventure in Bali not just diving, snorkeling, hiking, surfing on Kuta beach, but we can have an adventure with the vehicle, that is off-road in the mountains that has a challenging road. I met my nephew in Bali, and he took me off-road with four-wheel car (4 x 4).

The first trip we did in the evening by visiting a temple in the village Pesaban. The road to the temple  with a condition to climb, a bit slippery. Luckily, my nephew so good at driving a car traveling in the dark worked well.

The next day, we went to the slopes of Mount Agung. This is where we feel the atmosphere of a cool adventure. The road condition is uphill and sandy. We stopped at several places to check road conditions all enjoy the beautiful pine forests and cool weather. Wow.

I also briefly met bikers from the island of Java, who was vacationing with friends in the village Cegi. Many young people in Bali who like riding a bike trail type ride on a gravel road, sandy, muddy and roads, climbing and barely passable by ordinary motorcycle.

Not satisfied with this trip, we made a trip to the city Amlapura, Karangasem district through the village Cegi, Tianyar, Amed, Tirta Ganga and eventually Amlapura lunch in town. Although the trip is not as heavy as yesterday, but the landscape against the backdrop of Mount Agung really makes us happy.

Unfortunately we do not stop at Amed, who loved the beach divers. We also just passed Tirta Ganga is beautiful because we wanted to eat lunch in Amlapura, a picturesque town in eastern Bali. Someday we will stop at Tirta Ganga to enjoy a bath in a traditional Balinese baths.

Someday we will repeat the trip with four-wheel car at another location in this beautiful island of Bali. You also need to try, do not just sleep in the hotel which is located on the beach while enjoying the sunset and enjoy seafood at Jimbaran only. Many interesting and amazing things we can do in Bali.

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