The Secret of Holly Water in Pura Lempuyang Luhur

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The Secret of Holy Water in Bali

Famous temple in Bali is Pura Besakih, and is the largest Hindu temple in the island. Besakih Temple is located at the foot of Mount Agung. Ancient temples in Bali are usually located at the foot of the mountain or on the hill. If you go to Bali you need to visit or pray at Pura Lempuyang. This temple is situated in the eastern part of Bali, exactly in Karangasem regency.

Balinese temple, pura lempuyang, holly water
 The view from the temple is very beautiful as you will see an amazing panorama of Mount Agung.  Beautiful forest around the temple is the lungs of the island of Bali, that Bali can preserve nature. Inadvertently, the wise men of old have provided important lessons about how to prevent global warming.

 To reach the temple Lempuyang, you pass the road with lots of turns and climbs. To reach the main temple, we have to climb more than 1,500 steps. The scenery along the way to the temple is very beautiful. We are treated to the cool air of the forest is still beautiful.

You will also hear the sounds of wildlife and stunning scenery of Karangasem regency. The more unique, we almost did not feel the clothes become wet when we go in or passing through the clouds around us and this is a very rare opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of Mount Agung in the distance.

 Mystery of Holy Water

PUra Lempuyang, hindu temple, hindu ceremony
The majestic view in Lempuyang.
 In addition to the panoramic beauty of the mountains in the Peak Bali, Pura Luhur Lempuyang still presents the uniqueness as well as another mystery. A Pelinggih named Tirta Pingit (secret), located between the clumps of bamboo that grow on the top, the location of Pura Luhur Lempuyang. There are only 3 groves of bamboo that grow in place. From the clump of bamboo that the Pemangku (priest) Pura Tirta Lempuyang Luhur got Tirta (holy water) and then given to pemedek (people who perform the ceremony or prayer) as well as tourists who pray in that                                                                                   

To get the holy water or Tirta, priest (Pemangku) will cut a piece of bamboo, bamboo cut from it will be out of water for Tirta. And strangely, bamboo has never stopped growing although often cut. You can drink the water in the bamboo reeds, very fresh, but you will only get a little bit when you pray.  
Hindu ceremony in Pura Lempuyang, ritual in Bali
Holly water for everyone. Image:

 The existence of the Pura Tirta Pingit is very unique, because Tirta (holy water) is out of bamboo trees very secret place, because that's the holy water is called Tirta Pingit.

 For Hindus as well as the tourists who want Tangkil (come to pray) to Pura Lempuyang Luhur, one thing is to be prepared physical endurance, and of course the holy sincere heart, so you have the energy to climb any stairs, so you arrive at Pura Lempuyang , and enjoy the natural beauty of Bali. You certainly can.


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