Pura Kehen, a beautiful Hindu temple in Bali

Hindu temple in Bali, Pura Kehen, holiday in bali
Main gate: Image: sahabatwisata.blogspot.com
Pura Kehen,  the heritage of Bali

There are thousands of Hindu temples in Bali; it is always interesting to visit because each has its own uniqueness and history, such as the temple located in the village Kehen Cempaga, Bangli, Bangli district. The location of Pura Kehen is approximately 41 km from the city of Denpasar Bali so it can be completed in about 50 minutes away. Pura Kehen is a historic temple in Bali and has been reserved so always sustainable and a legacy for future generations.

Inside the main temple. Image: baliblog.com
Piodalan ceremony. Image: banglikab.go.id

Pura Kehen is pretending that the universe has a unique heaven on temple entrance that is not shaped like a temple Bentar celestial universe at large temple but temple-shaped brackets, but it also has another uniqueness of this temple is the presence of Bale Kulkul on banyan trees hundreds of years old that supposedly according to a story when one of these branches Petah it will sign a disaster, so this becomes an interesting part of the temple.

This temple is a place of worship for Hindus who regularly conducting religious ceremonies every six months or so precisely on the feast and ceremony Pagerwesi Ngusaba is held every three years. In addition, there are other small ceremonies such as Sarasvati Day, Ulian Sugimanik, Purnama, Tilem, Kajeng Pond Pond and Buddhism.

It is not yet established when Kehen temple was made, but based on the three inscriptions found in 1204 AD written numbers. The Kehen word comes from the term "keren" or a fire place associated with the first inscriptions that mention the words Hyang Api, Hyang Karinama, Hyang marks and names of monks.
Rejang Dance. Image: tariantradisionalindonesia.blogspot.com
When there is a piodalan or the temple ceremony celebrated the birthday of the temple, the sacred Rejang dance performance. A rare type of dance danced at piodalan, including the Baris Presi Dance lines consisting of 8 men with shields, Line dadap the Baris dancers danced by a man with a shield made of wood and Baris  dadap Jogor the line dance danced by eight men in one line with a spear.

Since this temple is one of the cultural heritage and local attractions, the government provides several facilities such as: a large parking area, restrooms, and food and beverage stalls. Pura Kehen has a very high historic value, so it should still be preserved.


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