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Yoga on Ayung River, Ubud. Image:
If you are experiencing sadness, upset, tired or perhaps stressed, perhaps because you have a void in your soul. I know your mind is certainly not empty, but your mind must be very busy as busy as you are physically doing the work and various activities. When you sit alone, you feel there's something missing in your life. You do not feel happiness even if you have a job or a good business and a lot of money.

 Maybe your heart is no longer able to sing to entertain yourself even though you often sing in karaoke clubs.  You feel lonely even if you are in a crowded place. Tablet PCs and smartphones are so advanced is not able to resolve your problem. You feel the pain, but the doctors cannot seem to cure you. Yoga is a great solution to make balance in your life. Yoga adventure in Bali is your next journey to bring peace in your mind, body and soul. 

yoga in Ubud, yoga in Sanur, yoga workshop
Yoga in Sanur Beach. Image by Komang Setiabudi
There might be friends who've invited you to practice movements or yoga poses to your health. Yoga does look like a gymnastic exercise movements, but unlike other sports turns yoga has spiritual elements are realized in meditation and yoga itself. After the yoga session you will feel peace in your heart and your soul.

Today yoga has become a world language for body mind and soul. You will be trained to move breathing technique train of thought that eventually will make your body more flexible so that you can absorb the positive energy of the universe. Maybe you've heard a call from someone so that you find the hidden chakras and kundalini in you. Perform retreat with Bali yoga then you can find the spirit and chakra lies within you.
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Yoga class in Bali. Image:

Yoga now becomes one of the charm of Bali besides the beauty and uniqueness of Hindu art and culture of Bali. In Ubud or a few other places on the island you can train your heart sensitivity by practicing meditation and yoga. 

There are several special places to practice yoga, but you can also choose to practice yoga in such hotels around Kuta or Sanur beach. For those of you who are serious about practicing yoga then Ubud became the main destination. Why yoga in Bali is different from other workout places such as America, Europe or even India. Outdoor yoga in Bali is generally constructed by combining yoga with natural beauty and spirituality of Bali's unique culture.


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Balinese dance in Bali Spirit Festival. Image:
Yoga is an exercise of body and soul that has existed since the days of ancient India. Although the birth of the Hindu tradition of yoga, but yoga is a sport that is very universal, so it can be done by anyone in the world. 

Bali has become one of the central yoga worlds, even since 2008 there have been occurrences of "Bali Spirit Festival" in Ubud. Every year yogis and yoga enthusiasts from around the world gather to explore yoga, practice, and some even support the performing arts of yoga, Balinese dance, music, so that your soul the peace. You can join yoga class or yoga workshop in Ubud, Sanur, Kuta, and other places in Bali. There are many yoga guru or professional yoga instructors will teach you about yoga philosophy, yoga pose, meditation and other topic related to this holistic sport in the world.
Beautiful place for yoga retreats in Bali. Image:

In the middle of the practice of yoga, you can enjoy the hospitality of the Balinese, the beauty of the terraced rice fields, the birds singing, the sound of water in the river, and then the peace was watering all your soul. 

You can walk in the rice field, riding a bicycle in the countryside as do by many tourists, even Julia Roberts never enjoy the beauty of cycling in Bali. 

You can see scenes of Julia Roberts riding a bike in the countryside of Bali in the movie "Eat Pray Love", a Hollywood movie based on the true story of Elizabeth Gilbert. See the movie or read the novel titled "Eat Pray Love" before you go to Bali. Elizabeth Gilbert found love and peace and spiritual meditation consultation with Ketut Liyer, a spiritual advisor in Bali.

If Ketut Liyer too busy, there are many spiritual centre and a place to practice yoga on the island of Bali. In addition to yoga, you can flashback to the shooting location of the film "Eat Pray Love" in Ubud or Padang Padang Beach, a beautiful secret beach in the south of Bali.

Furthermore, you can learn Ayurveda treatment, spa and enjoy vegetarian food, there's even a place to learn cooking and concocting herbal remedies based on Ayurveda. Magical atmosphere of the island will support your spirit to maximize your time to learn and explore yoga in Bali. If you are already very experienced in the world of yoga, then Bali is a paradise to enlighten yourself, so your goal to live a peaceful and happy more easily realized.


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