Pulaki temple, a unique and beautiful temple in Bali

Pura Pulaki, pulaki temple, hindu temple in bali
Pura Pulaki, Bali
If you are vacation in Bali, you should spend some time to visit a beautiful Hindu temple. There is a temple standing on a rocky cliff directly overlooking the sea. This temple is known as Pura Pulaki. In the background lie the steep rocky hills that only occasionally appear green during the rainy season. This temple looks dignified, strong and noble, because it stands in a very difficult location. Moreover, the scenery around the temple is so captivating. If you are standing in the temple and then look ahead, not just the sea that will appear in front of you, but also a cluster of small hills on the western side is shaped like a cape.

In this Pura you will find a lot of monkeys are ready to welcome pilgrims and visitors. The monkeys that live around the temple, although impressed fierce, it also creates its own charm. They will not bite you. The monkeys in this temple are benign, but you do not have to touch or hug them. The monkeys roam inside and outside the temple, so we recommend you keep valuable items, and it is better to not wear anything that can attract monkeys. You can give food to the monkeys like bananas and nuts. Please do not give cookies or fried chicken.
Monkey family in Pulaki
Pulaki temple located in the village of Banyupoh, Gerokgak, Buleleng, in the west of Singaraja. This temple is situated on the edge of the highway department Singaraja-Gilimanuk, so Hindus will always stop to pray if you happen to pass from Gilimanuk to Singaraja or vice versa. 

If Hindus want to pray in a gang, then they can come when held a series piodalan (temple anniversary) on the full moon every six months. History of Pura Pulaki can not be described precisely. However, of the various pieces of the relics left behind, at least the history of the temple goes back to prehistoric times, before the entry and spread of Hinduism in Bali.

Pura Pulaki is located at the foot of the hill right in front of the beach. This is one of the biggest Hindu temple in Bali located on the west coast side of Singaraja town or 1 hour drive to the west of the city. During the rainy season, dry brown hills around the Pura back green sparkles. Architecture is dominated by black and white stone, as if some part of the temple is carved hills. 
Pura Pulaki, hindu temple in bali
Beautiful temple

Pura Pulaki has spectacular views to be enjoyed. Entering the temple, you will arrive at the center, and from here it can be seen clearly in blue sea beautiful Java, framed by green hills on the right and left. 

There are more stairs to climb if you want to enter the main part where the visitors put their offerings and pray. In the main part no quieter, because the monkeys were hanging on branches of trees waiting for the right moment to steal the fruit offerings. Visitors have been accustomed to the noise made ​​by the monkeys and they still pray with full concentration.

Part of the more spectacular for review is part of the temple complex, where there is a narrow street that will be a little slippery during rainy days. Make sure you pass this way when you visit Pulaki temple. You will be a walk in the middle of the corn fields, while your eyes may be tempted by the beautiful view of the sea and the hills, and the sound of the ocean will cool you on a hot day. The beauty of this temple will leave a wonderful impression on your heart.


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