Miss World 2013 participants prayed in Pura Besakih

Miss World pray in Pura Besakih, Besakih temple, the largest temple in Bali
Miss World participants pray together at Pura Besakih. Image: voaindonesia.com
Bali is the host the Miss World pageant in September 2013, and opened with the magnificent Kecak Dance performances, a famous dance with special modifications to enliven the opening contest of the beautiful girls from 130 countries. 

While in Bali in the middle of the process of judging the Miss World is also the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery in this island paradise, watching the beauty of art and culture, even those given briefing on environmental conservation in Bali Safari Park in particular concerning of nature conservation.

Miss World pray in Pura Besakih, Miss World 2013 pray in Besakih
Miss World participants prayed very solemn. Image: kabar24.com
For giving out their inner strength, the committee also took 130 Miss World contestants "Miss World 2013" to recognize traditions of the people of Bali, visit the largest temple in Bali, Pura Besakih, Karangasem regency in Bali, on 11 September 2013.

Holiday in Bali, Hindu temple, pray in Pura Besakih
The Beautiful Temple, Pura Besakih.
The beautiful women from these five continents are wearing Balinese traditional clothes. The contestants started the activities in Besakih temple by praying together. They all prayed fervently to invoke safety, strength, good health and of course for success as long as they follow this contest. 

For about 20 minutes they look solemn, and incorporate hands with flowers as the conductor of a prayer to the Creator. At the end of the ritual of the beautiful woman gets a splash of holy water (Tirta) from pastors who lead their worship.

Get a blessing in Pura Besakih

"Everything was quiet for a moment reflects this. I pray for peace and humanity," said contestant Olivia Jordan from the United States, as quoted by Antara news agency. Women aged 24 years old from Tulsa, Oklahoma it admitted that the experience of worshiping at it Hindu temple was her first experience. The contestants also feel blessed by the priest chanting prayers and the sprinkling of holy water (Tirta) given after say a prayer. Olivia Jordan felt very welcomed in Pura Besakih, and feel very happy and blessed.
Balinese dance, balinese art, balinese culture, Pura Besakih architecture
Miss World learn Balinese dance. Image: photo.sindonews.com

Some of Miss World contestants deeply admire the splendor and uniqueness of traditional temple architecture located on the slopes of Mount Agung. In addition, the contestants also admitted for the first time to Bali especially to Pura Besakih.

"This is my first time to Bali and I am very pleased. Yes of course I will be returning to Bali after 'Miss World'. I am very interested in the hospitality of its people; its culture because it is so different from what I encountered in my country, "said Miss World contestants from Belize, Idolly Louise Saldivar.

After the prayer the event continued with a tour of the largest complex of Hindu temples in Bali. If you are there at the top of this temple complex, then you will see the spectacular view below and in the distance.
Miss World participant photographed in Penataran Agung, Miss World in Bali, Miss World 2013 in Bali
Miss World participant photographed in Penataran Agung. Image: photo.sindonews.com
Besakih temple is the center of Bali. The contestants in the Miss World this praying Pura Penataran Agung, where the whole of Hindus from all over Bali are usually pray on certain days, such as the full moon or when there is a large Hindu ceremonies.

The Miss World participants were welcomed by the Regent of Karangasem, and hope one day the participants will return to Bali for a vacation. All participants were willing to return to Bali, so that they can enjoy Bali in a more relaxed atmosphere like enjoying the spa, yoga, surfing, and even diving in Bali's famous coral reefs.

After seeing the beauty of the Pura Besakih, they had to learn to dance with Balinese Dance Balinese children, and then they proceeded their tour to Rudana Museum in Ubud. Bali will surely give very beautiful memories to the Miss World pageant contestant either win or lose.

They've got the blessing of God in Pura Besakih, their hearts have been enlightened and have peace during the contest in Bali. They will bring the most beautiful memories to their own countries. This island of thousand temples will become lifetime memories, and how sweet their lives if their honeymoon in Bali when later they were married in the future. Their marriage can be celebrated with a traditional atmosphere and culture of Bali.


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