Fantastic and challenging rafting in Bali

Fantastic Telaga Waja. Image:
Holiday in Bali you will enjoy spectacular views, you can stay at beach front view hotel, villa or cottage, or watching a performance of unique art. 

If you are a fan of water sports, you can do a little adventure in this paradise. You can dive, snorkel and other interesting water sports such as rafting or surfing in many surfing spots in Bali. 

Some rivers in Bali is not only a source of water for irrigating rice fields and coffee plantations, since tourism is growing rapidly in this paradise island, some rivers in Bali has been the location for water sports. 
Rafting in Ayung River, Ubud. Image:

There are a lot of tourists from Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung or abroad who enjoy a weekend at the Ayung or Telaga Waja River to test their adrenaline. So you can join Ayung River rafting adventure tour for your memorable holiday in Bali. 

Let's holiday and make your vacation in Bali as a challenging adventure. Are you ready?

If you have children who are still teenagers, Bali is the perfect place to introduce the nature and the environment by getting them to Ubud to try rafting. Ayung River in Ubud is suitable for beginners who want to try rafting for the first time. While the Telaga Waja is more fit for those who are already experienced in this challenging water sport

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Anya and her mother before rafting.
Ayung River is a river level of category 3, so is very safe for beginners and children aged 8 and up. The length of this river wich is used for rafting approximately 12 km. Make sure you arrive on the Ayung River in the morning, because rafting usually begins at 10 am. 

"Jumping" in Ayung River. Image:
As has been mentioned earlier, Bali also has Telaga Waja River to test your guts. Telaga Waja is very challenging for rafting. This fantastic river is located in Muncan, a beautiful village in Rendang district, Karangasem regency. Telaga Waja River is level 4. The length of this river is about 14 km, so it's very challenging for rafting enthusiasts.

If you are experienced with this water sports, I suggest Telaga Waja River, but if you are a beginner or a bit older, then the right choice is the Ayung River. During the rafting trip you will presented with the natural scenic beauty of Bali, and filled with shades of green. You can hear the birds singing and enjoy the fantastic views of rice fields. 

Hanna, Mr. Nyoman Sudhana & Laksmana before rafting. 

The most awaited moment is the "jump rafting", about 3 meters tall. Your adrenaline will definitely encourage. 

Having exhausted after enjoy whitewater rafting, you will be very hungry, then you will be treated to a special lunch for you. While enjoying the food, you can relax with the beautiful natural scenery of Bali. 

So, what would you do so after a tasty lunch? Do not worry, you can go to the Monkey Forest, and met tame monkeys in Ubud, you can even feed them bananas. You can also continue the journey to Kintamani or to a traditional Balinese village, Penglipuran.

Once you are tired enjoy challenging rafting, you also can relax around Ubud. You can go to a resorts spa and enjoy a very unique spa or massage in the Balinese atmosphere. 

Mr Sudhana and family enjoy coffee break in Kori Ubud. 
Another way to unwind, especially if you want to restore your strength, then do yoga or meditation in Ubud is also a good option. Find your inner peace by practicing chakra that lies within you. After you have finished the practice of yoga, you like being born again as a new you. 

I suggest you for a coffee break at Kori Ubud, and enjoy a cup of Balinese coffee. Kori Ubud is a cozy boutique hotel in this beautiful small town. Make sure you order the fried banana or other snacks. 

If you do not stay in Ubud or other inns, then you can move on to Kuta, Sanur, Jimbaran, Seminyak, Bedugul or Lovina Beach. 

Ubud and many other interesting places in Bali, will surely be the most beautiful memories in your life. I am sure you will always want to go back on vacation and enjoy the beauty of the sunset or the beautiful Balinese culture, especially the people of Bali are very friendly. And of course, rafting and other adventure you've been waiting for. Perhaps you re a holiday in Bali for honeymoon?


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