Barong Dance

                            When you have a chance to visit Bali, in addition to seeing the beauty of the island of Bali, we have to watch the Barong Dance because it is very interesting and dynamic. The story and costumes of the dancers are also very beautiful. 

This dance is a Hindu cultural heritage that uses puppets Pre tangible quadruped or early humans who have magical powers. Allegedly barong word comes from the word bahrwang or interpreted bear, an animal mythology that has supernatural powers, is considered a protector.

Performing arts in Bali is very unique because there is a special dance for entertainment, there is also a special dance for the ceremony in the temple or sacred dance is called. Barong Dance is also a variety such as Barong Asu, Barong Brutuk, Elephant, Barong Bangkal, and other variations. Barong Dance which is presented to tourists is Barong Ket. Special dances for entertainment are perfect combination of comedy, action, and beautiful costume. Gamelan or music from Dance Barong Ket is also very entertaining, so you'll be happy watching this dance.
You will be pleased to see the Barong dance because there are elements of comedy that will make us laugh, there is a dynamic fight scenes. Basically, this dance tells the battle between good with evil. Barong is a symbol of goodness, Rangda is a symbol of evil.

This Barong dance performance can be seen in Batubulan, Ubud, and a few other places, while the sacred dance can only be seen when there are ceremonies in the temple. 
You will be very lucky if you can see both types of entertainment and dance the sacred dances because everything interesting and will give a special experience for you.
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