Legong Dance

Bali has many variations of art and culture, be it painting, sculpture, art, music and art of dance. In general, tourists visiting Bali must know Pendet, barong dance and Kecak dance which is very famous. Not many people are familiar with classical Balinese dances such as Legong Kraton. This dance is rarely performed as an entertainment show.

A classical dance of Bali which has a very complex motion tied with percussion accompaniment structure said to be the influence of Gambuh. Legong word comes from the word "leg" which means flexible or elastic and then interpreted as graceful movement (dance). Furthermore, the word is on top combined with the word "gong" which means gamelan, so that it becomes "Legong" which mean movement highly bound by the accompanying gamelan. The term Legong Kraton is a later development.

Sometimes this dance is performed by two girls or more by displaying characters as the opening of the commencement of Lean Legong dance, but there are also times when this Legong brought one or two pairs of dancers without displaying the figure Lean first. Legong hallmark is the use of the dancers except Condong fan.

Balinese dance can be categorized into two types, namely dance for entertainment and sacred dance for the ceremony in the temple or when there are families of Bali, which performs a traditional ceremony at his home.

When you visit the island of Bali, find the information to your guide, so you can watch classical dance and Balinese Legong Kraton Dance Mask. It could be you’re lucky if there is a family or a temple is implementing a Hindu religious ceremony that is based on traditional Balinese. You will feel that Bali is unique. Bali is the last paradise because of customs, ancient traditions and cultural arts still alive in this modern world.
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